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Do You Want The Truth
              About Buying                Replacement Windows?

We Explain The
3 Things You Must Have
In Your New Windows

We Spill The Beans
About The 3 Biggest Secrets
In The Window Business Today

(Avoid These Mistakes!)
1.  You cannot buy a window for only $189.
     This is similar to "Bait & Switch" advertising.
2.  $1000 window prices are a rip-off!
      No window should cost that much.
3.  "One-Day Special Deals" are a scam!
      This is the oldest trick in the book.

Here's The Truth... 

1. You cannot buy a window that is completely and properly installed for only $189 or less. This is something like “bait and switch” advertising and "bait and switch" is illegal.

You see ads everywhere that say you can buy a window for $189. Even $179.  This is simply not true. A complete window installation will cost a whole lot more.
Some people call this bait and switch advertising.
They “bait” you with a low advertised price in order to get into your home, then “switch” you to a higher price when they give you the estimate.
A lot of contractors who I have personallly worked with over the years believe that the $189 price is misleading because it represents only a partial window installation.
It is not the most complete and proper installation that you need and can get.
The $189 price is just the window set into the opening. It does not include the vinyl trim wrap that covers the gaps around the window to keep the wind and rain from coming in around the window. 
They'll charge extra for that trim, even though you must have it for a truly complete and proper window installation.  Most contractors include this trim as part of the standard installation of a window.
The $189 price does not include the Energy Star glass that saves you money on your heating and cooling bills. 
They'll charge extra for that glass, even though you must have that glass to have an energy- efficient window.
The $189 price does not include removing the old storm windows so the old wood windows can be removed, they will charge you extra for that.
They will even charge extra to haul away the old windows and the trash.
By the time they charge you for everything that you must have to get a complete window installation, the real price is almost $400!
And that is for their cheapest window!

2. You don't have to pay $1000 for a window.  High prices like that are a rip-off and should be illegal.

Believe it or not, there are companies that will try to convince you that their windows are worth $1200 - $1600 each. We are not kidding. They will actually have the nerve to say that – to your face!
This is ridiculous! There is not a window manufactured anywhere that costs that much.
And companies that are trying to charge high prices like that are simply trying to rip you off! We don’t know how else to say it. It happens every day and it is wrong.
Here is what they do: the company will send a highly trained commission salesperson into your home to give you a free estimate. Their goal is to conduct a   2–3 hour long “dog & pony” show to try to convince you that they have the greatest window in the universe.
They want to convince you that they have the best window in the universe so they can justify their price. After 2–3 hours of demonstrating their window, they will tell you that the windows cost $1200 - $1600 each! Really!
BUT! They will give you a huge discount – usually 25% - because…
- they need a “model home” in your neighborhood.
- they want to put a job sign in your front yard.
- they have a special sale going on.
- you are special people.
- it is Tuesday.
THERE IS ONLY ONE CATCH! You have to sign a contract TODAY!
This special offer will not be available tomorrow. Or ever again.
They will not only have the nerve to say that, they are specially trained to say it with a straight face!
With this huge discount, you can get the windows for only $1000 each!
REFER TO #3. Never sign a contract if the special offer is available “today only.”
Never. Not ever.

3. NEVER let a company talk you into signing a contract "today” because of some special deal that is only good for that one day.

This is the oldest trick in the book and should be a dead giveaway that something is wrong. If their special deal is so special, why won't it be there tomorrow?
The truth is that they are only trying to “lock” you into a contract, so that you will not get other estimates. They are hoping that if you have already signed a contract, you won’t go to the trouble of getting other estimates.
Fact is, when you do get other estimates, you will find out that their special deals are just a rip-off.
This is what they do: they inflate their starting prices, their retail prices, and make them so high that they can give you 25%, or even 50% off and still make huge profits!
They are hoping that you will think you are getting a great deal if the discount is big enough. Half off sounds like a great deal! But not if the original price is double what it should be to begin with.
Problem is, if you want this great deal you must sign the contract today! It seems that this great deal is only good for today.
The great deal won’t be available tomorrow.        (Are you kidding me?)
And isn’t it amazing that this One Day Only Sale just happens to be the very same day that you have your appointment? What a coincidence!
THIS ONE SIMPLE RULE will save you thousands of dollars on the purchase of replacement windows:
 NEVER sign a contract if the deal is only good for that one day.
If someone uses the term “sign today”, run, don’t walk, RUN AWAY!
Get some other estimates. And scratch that company off your list. They are trying to rip you off!



3 Things You Must Have
In Your New Windows

1.  Fully welded vinyl frames.

Make sure the frame of the window is fully welded.
The corners of the frame are heat-fusion welded for extra strength and come with a Lifetime Warranty that states the frame will never come apart.

Cheap windows like the ones advertised for $189 are held together with screws and are sure to come apart eventually. 

2.  Energy Star Glass

Make sure the windows have Low E Heat Shield to block heat and the sun's harmful UV rays and are filled with Argon Gas to block the cold temperatures.

If you don't get an Energy Star glass package with Low E coatings and Argon gas - you are not improving the energy-efficiency of your windows.

There are several types of Low E coatings.  The old, cheap kind is the original single layer of silver.  You should insist on the newer triple layer of silver that blocks a lot more heat.

There is even 4 layers of silver available today but they are not really needed in our moderate climate and are much more expensive.

3.  Complete and proper installation.

The complete and proper installation of a new replacement window should include:

- removal of any old storm windows - at no extra  

- repair of any rotten or damaged wood around the
  window openings - at no extra charge

- insulation packed around the new replacement
  window so that air does not come in around the
  new window - at no extra charge

- installation of new exterior vinyl trim wrap that
  covers all of the exterior wood around the window
  opening - at no extra charge

- installation of interior and exterior caulking to
  completely weather-seal the entire opening - at no
  extra charge

- a complete clean-up and the hauling-away of all
  trash and the old windows - at no extra charge 



4.  Get more than one estimate.
Plan on getting a couple of estimates. Get two at a minimum, but three would be better.
The Better Business Bureau recommends that you get two or three estimates before you make a buying decision.
The Bureau will even give you a list of qualified members in good standing to get estimates from. By getting a list from the Bureau, you already know who has a good performance record and who does not.
This is better than just going through the Yellow Pages because anyone can advertise in the Yellow Pages without even proving that they know what they are doing.
One word of caution: do not get too many estimates.
We have seen customers get six and seven estimates and they only wind up getting confused by too much information and they can not remember who told them what.
5. Get referrals. Ask your friends what company they used and were happy with.
Word of mouth referrals are one of the best ways to find out about a company and the job that they can do. You trust your friends and you know they will tell you the truth about their experiences, good or bad. Fact is they have “been there – done that.”
Your friends have been through the actual experience of dealing with a company and they can, and will, tell you one of two things: use that company, or don’t use that company. There is rarely any middle ground.
And trust their judgment. If your friends are happy with the job a company did for them, give that company special consideration.
On the other hand, if your friends had problems with a particular company, forget about them and find someone else.
6. Regardless of how you find out about a company, be sure to check them out with the Better Business Bureau. You can call the Better Business Bureau or go online at:  www.bbb.org
DO IT!  Find out who you are dealng with.
I have heard people say that the Better Business Bureau does not do much. We disagree!
The Bureau may not be able to do anything about someone ripping you off after the fact, but they sure can warn you about a company’s track record of bad behavior ahead of time.
The Bureau is a collection house where reports and complaints are stored. If a company has a history of doing bad work or ripping people off, they can warn you about that and you can get your estimates from someone else.
If you even think there is a problem with a company’s history of performance, talk to someone else! Why would you waste your time taking a chance on a company that has had problems before?
Find a company that has a clean record with the Better Business Bureau. There are a lot of good companies out there.
7. Get all the details.
Ask about other services and all the details of the complete job.
Does the company replace rotten wood and are there extra charges for that?
HINT: Rotten wood must be replaced to meet building codes and to do the job right. Many companies charge too much for this service, trying to make huge profits from it when it should be standard or at least cheap!
And watch out! Far too many companies will cut corners and cover-up rotten wood even though they charge you for fixing it.

Does the company conduct a complete clean-up and haul-away the old windows and are there extra charges for that? This should be standard and included in the job.
Does the company charge extra for other things that should be standard and included in the job, such as removing old storm windows and sealing the new window with insulation and caulking?
Will the salesperson, or any company representative, show up on the day of installation, or will you be left to deal with the work crew yourself? Does the crew speak English?
Will there be any follow-up? Will the company check on the windows and installation after the job is complete?
HUGE HINT: Get everything in writing.Everything!
When you get the answers to all of these questions, get those answers in writing so there will not be any misunderstandings later.
Usually, the salesperson who makes all the promises will disappear after the contract is signed and you are left to deal with a work crew that doesn’t have a clue what was said and what you were promised.
Protect yourself! Get those promises and all the details in writing.



                         Our Goal is to Educate You. 

We want to teach you what to look for in a good window and a good window company. And we want to warn you about what to watch out for. 

We have revealed to you the secrets that some window companies use to rip you off, like bait and switch advertising, and so-called special deals that are designed to take advantage of you. 
                       A Lifetime of Enjoyment. 
If you can get the right window installed by the right company you will enjoy a lifetime of benefits from your new replacement windows.  

Make no mistake about it: windows are a great investment.  

They are -
-add value to your home
-increase curb appeal 

So, sit back and enjoy this information and learn all about replacement windows. This information can save you thousands of dollars, and lots of headaches, on the purchase of replacement windows.

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